Fragrant Detour

On my return trip from New Braunfels earlier this week I decided to try a different set of byways. I had a couple reasons for my detour. The main reason I’ll tell you about tomorrow but I was also hoping to avoid road work. The latter proved impossible. Every single highway I traveled (both to and from) New Braunfels was under construction (not joking). Reminded me of what my Ohio family says about their state having two seasons; winter and road work.

A nice bonus for my roundabout meandering was driving by the Luling Lavender Fields. I love that fragrant smell so, of course, I had to visit. The venture is only a year old but it already shows so much potential. The fields currently occupy the front few acres of a sprawling family ranch but they have plenty of room to grow. More varieties of lavender will be planted across additional acreage and a wedding venue will be nestled in the large oaks behind the fields.

I admired the owners’ unique vision, very similar to my own taste. Look closely at the barn-style gift shop – it was built out of two steel shipping containers. What a cool idea! They carry all manner of lavender-based products, most of them locally produced but a few are from out of state. Including one of my all-time favorite beverages, Lavender Dry Soda. I first sampled it at Dry’s flagship store in Seattle about ten years ago and now I snap it up whenever I find it. All in all, a lovely little detour!

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