Texas Man (and Woman)

Obviously, a quick internet search will prove that Florida clearly has earned its infamy as the home state of some of the most ridiculous and inept criminals (go ahead, search for Florida Man, I’ll wait). Texas, however, doesn’t like to be outdone in any category. So, I’m submitting, for your reading pleasure, this caper taken from the recent Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Warden Field Notes:

“Wardens observed an individual fishing on Richland Chambers Reservoir after dark with no lights on his boat and made contact. The subject was found to have several water safety, fishing, and narcotics violations, including no lights and no boat registration, no fishing license, using game fish for bait, leaving game fish to die, undersized crappie, and possession of methamphetamine, heroin, and marijuana. The subject was arrested and taken to the Navarro County Jail. A few days later, one of the wardens got a call from the Navarro County Sheriff’s Office informing them the subject’s wife was just arrested for trying to bond her husband out using $900 in counterfeit bills!”

An idiot two-fer!


Copano Bay, Fulton, Texas April 2019

Categories: Observations

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