This tough, water-loving little plant is the bane of anyone who desires a perfect lawn down here along the Texas Coastal Bend. There are roughly 100 species of Hydrocotyles around the world, two of which are found in this area. At least the common name here is a bit of an inflation, elsewhere, they are known as pennywort.

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  1. If only we had something that short and cute volunteering in our yard! But nooo, ours are tall and in total profusion, and unless the ground is very wet—rare—impossible to pull. Is Pennywort a medicinal herb?

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    • Spring brings so many wonderful things, including weeds! Can’t the chickens help you with the weeds? Well, I read that Dollarweed/Pennywort is edible when young (it gets bitter as it ages) but I’m not sure about any medicinal uses. I like the distinctive shape of the leaf.


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