The End of the End

The final piece of my last month of summer was spent touring around Oregon with my dear, old friend Hector. I had the good fortune to work in his Food and Beverage department in the early 90s at Westward Look Resort. It was an excellent learning experience for me: I was young and impetuous* while Hector was a reflective and circumspect manager.

A couple events stand out in my memory: serving iced tea to Ted Turner and his wife Jane Fonda, and cleaning up after mob boss “Joe Bonanno’s” 85th birthday party. Though Hector’s hotel management career moved him around the country multiple times, we’ve kept in touch.

It was a treat to show off my favorite coastal haunts: Lincoln City beaches and tide pools, whale watching in Depoe Bay, touring the lighthouse at Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area, as well as checking out the sea lions and Rogue Brewing in Newport.

I especially enjoyed revisiting the Deep Blue Lake (my one and only other tour was May 2008 when the park was still buried under snow). Thankfully, the weather cooperated nicely for this visit. It was a lovely way to wrap up my last month of summer!

*Yeah, so other than my age I haven’t changed much in the last couple decades. Sigh.


Categories: Observations


  1. Once again proving it is a small world: my neighbor Kathy here in Lincoln City, was in Tucson to attend the conference with Ted and Jane.


  2. Sounds like a great time with Hector. He had the world’s best tour guide. Absolutely gorgeous pictures!


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