The Beginning of the End

Whew – my last month of summer was crazy busy! It began when my Aunt Polly came for a weeklong visit (her first trip to the Pacific Northwest). The following week I attended two workshops at the Sitka Center for Art & Ecology, volunteered at the Lincoln City Cultural Center, and donated blood. A few days later my BFF Lisa and I drove out to Glacier National Park (where we met while working during the summer 20 *gasp* years ago). It was a packed eight days, full of great memories and new adventures. A day after our return my old friend Hector from North Carolina flew in for a quick visit which we divided between two beautiful bodies of water; the Pacific Ocean and Crater Lake.

Since my return home on Saturday I’ve been appeasing a crabby cat, doing laundry, and trying to catch up on all that I’ve neglected. I also have a bazillion new photos to sort through. But I’m not complaining, it was a wonderful way to wrap up the last month of Summer!

Too many photos to share at once, so I’ll start with the ones from the beginning of the end (my aunt’s visit):



Categories: Observations


  1. Such wonderful memories! You really did have a busy summer…with lots of autumn adventures to come!

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