Little Treasures

June was a lovely month here in Coastal Oregon; most days were sunny with very little rain. Whether strolling the beach or around Spring Lake, nature treated me to little treasures; with pops of color, striking shadows, and distinctive designs.

Categories: Nature Notes


  1. Looks like the weird bug needs to be pressure washed. Beautiful photographs, are salmonberries edible?

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    • Yeah, I couldn’t get a good photo of its whole body, it wriggled into the sand too fast. So I haven’t been able to identify it. Maybe I’ll see another one and have better luck with it.

      Yes, Salmonberries are edible but they are not very tasty. I enjoy the color more than the flavor. I think that since they are the first berries to ripen in late Spring/early Summer they don’t have to be super sweet to entice animals to eat them (and thereby spread their seeds around). Unlike fruit that is available later in the Summer which has a lot of stiff competition from all the available sweet, juicy fruits. Good question!


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