Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area

I argued with myself as I drove through a downpour on my way to Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area – should I just turn around and concede the day to the weather? My stubborn streak won out and I’m so glad it did since the day turned out just lovely!

I last visited here in 2006 on a very foggy, windy day so it was a nice contrast to have a sunny and only lightly breezy day. I started the morning watching Peregrine Falcon parents feed breakfast to their two fledglings. Next up was a tour of the historic lighthouse (activated in 1874).

Nesting season was in full swing: cormorants gathered nest material, sparrows grabbed bugs to feed their offspring, Common Murres and Pigeon Guillemots sat on eggs, and several species banded together to chase off their mutual enemy; an immature Bald Eagle.

Low tide at Cobble Beach provided plenty of other sights: colorful flowers, a mated pair of Harlequin Ducks, Harbor Seals resting, bright Purple Sea Urchins, and an unexpected bit of art. All in all, an outstanding day!


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