The Last of May

The weather continued to be capricious here on the Oregon Coast – but there is beauty in all her many moods. Often times I had the beach to myself, so I could wander and explore to my heart’s content. Whether at the beach or inland the last couple weeks of May were full of new discoveries: Giant Acorn Barnacle molts, Dungeness crab molts, Townsend’s Mole, more blooms, and lots of they-look-better-than-they-taste-Salmonberries.

Speaking of Salmonberries, I wonder if they are relatively bland since they are the first berries of the season? Perhaps there is no need to be sweet since they have no competition, unlike berries later in the summer? Regardless, they are wonderful eye candy!

Categories: Nature Notes


  1. Lovely pictures! No wonder you love your beach! It looks so clean and perfect, I can almost smell the air! We sure do miss your dear face and how interesting you are and how much we LOVE YOU!

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    • It is surprisingly clean up here but I do still find trash every time I go out (bits of plastic and cigarette butts are the most common items). Of course, I pick it up when I see it. Lincoln City has a promotion during the winter that encourages people to pick up beach litter, if they bring their bag into the Cultural Center they get entered into a drawing to win a beautiful glass float. Such a cool idea!


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