Oh, My Aching Neck!

First, is the crick in my neck from staring up into the tree tops looking for small, flitting birds. Warbler Neck:


Then comes the strain from peering down at the beach, looking for treasures in the sand. We call it Agate Neck (which doesn’t tell the entire story but sea glass-shell-driftwood-petrified wood-fossil-zeolite-jasper-agate neck doesn’t have quite the same ring to it).


Thank goodness for the neutrally balanced pose called Whale Neck! (Yes, I know, not the best photo but the best one I’ve snapped thus far).


Categories: Nature Notes


  1. Oh for the happy life of ERIN SOL! Lovely pictures, take 2 aspirin and keep on looking!

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  2. Poor baby, maybe you could close your eyes and just imagine for awhile.

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