Really, Really Old Driftwood

My pleasant evening stroll on the beach yesterday was filled with little surprises. I found not one, not two, but eight chunks of petrified driftwood by the time I was done. The specimens that wash up here are from the Paleocene, about 65 million years ago. Pretty amazing when you think about all the steps involved: the trees had to grow, die, wash down a river, get ground into smooth, small pieces, and then (through heat and/or pressure) be inundated with minerals to become “petrified,” erode out of a rock formation, and wash up on this beach for me to discover.


Petrified Driftwood, Lincoln City, Oregon May 2018

Categories: Nature Notes


  1. How interesting, and magical that you found these eight pieces of driftwood. Thinking about the dynamics of that find…all that happened over eons of time to end up in your human hands, pretty incredible.

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