04-25 Sol Shine

The will to do, the soul to dare.

~ Sir Walter Scott


Velella Velella, Neskowin, Oregon 2018

Categories: Sol Shine


  1. That looks like two gel discs trying to swallow a white plastic reflector. Nature is amazing. Is this image enlarged?

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  2. What beautiful colors! Wouldn’t know they existed without my DARLING ERIN! Thanks for the beauty!

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    • They are beautiful…until they start to rot in the hot sun and then they reek! But it hasn’t really warmed up here so no stink (yet). 🙂


      • Do they smell like the “Corpse” flower? It bloomed in Tucson finally at I think the botanical gardens, wish I could have seen it, pictures looked quite pretty, but that was all that was pretty about it!!

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  3. I saw some of those photos, too! I’ve not yet had the pleasure of smelling a corpse flower so I can’t compare the two. However, I will say that Velella velellas can wash ashore by the hundreds of thousands, so the aroma can be overpowering!


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