04-20 Sol Shine

Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.
~ James R. Sherman

Javelina7 2 babies RS AZ 03-2010

Javelina mom with two “reds”  Tucson, Arizona 2010

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  1. All for brand new endings, each day is a different ending! Darling picture of “mom and piglets”, Makes me want to hug the “reds”, why are they called reds?


  2. I agree, they are adorable! The little ones are usually a reddish color for the first few months, then they take on the hoary appearance. These little ones are a bit more of a tawny color. They were very young, if you look really closely you can still see parts of their dried umbilical cords on their bellies.


    • Just don’t get any cuter than these little darlings. How many piglets are in a typical brood?

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      • Javelina are year-round breeders, though there is often a spike in births in Spring (March-April). They typically give birth to twins (like the adorable twosome pictured above). Though they resemble pigs, Javelina (aka Collared Peccary) are members of the Tayassuidae family (native in the New World) while true pigs are members of the Suidae family (from the Old World).


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