Worth the Journey

A little over 1400 miles to drive crammed in my Prius with the stuff I didn’t feel comfortable shipping and two cats…my journey began. First off, allow me a small rant about I-5 – it stinks! In southern California the traffic is horrific. In the central section it narrows to two lanes each way with an astounding number of semi-trucks (and some genius set their speed limit at 55mph while the rest of us zip along at 70mph which works just fine until one semi decides to pass another and we all have to slam on our brakes). In northern CA, and almost all the way to Eugene, I-5 winds through mountains which I happened upon at night with fog, deer, rain, and falling rock. Just a jolly ol’ time!

On top of all that, the denizens of my vehicle were NOT happy campers. I was tense from navigating road hazards, Bailey was severely constipated from stress, while Wylie reverted to feral after my (apparently) ill-advised attempt to enclose her in the bathroom at the hotel the night before. I started that leg of our trip with blood dripping from both hands.

In those moments, doubt barrels in. Who the hell was I to think I could follow my dreams?! And yet, after all that I was able to spend this morning on the beach. What a way to start the day! Other positive items: my boxes arrived with very few broken items, Bailey is feeling better, and Wylie tolerated me for 5 minutes. Perhaps I am doing the right thing after all…


Categories: Observations


  1. Look closely at the first photo, see the hint of a rainbow? The sun tries…


  2. Glad to see you made it to your new home safely. Best wishes.


  3. I am sincerely happy that you’re there and that I didn’t know the in-between part. What a trip, I don’t know how you did it with all the traffic hazards and the cats squalling…a nightmare that is thankfully over for a long time.

    Happy Birthday Erin, do you really realize all you’ve accomplished in the last year? Time to take lots of long walks on the beach, meditate, and listen carefully to what your heart is whispering…THEN GO FOR IT!


  4. so glad you’re there safely Erin! I’ve been hearing all the steps toward this thru Paula. Hope all goes well from here on in. You are a woman of courage!


    • Aww, thank you, Jane. I know Polly has been beside herself with worry (and I wish she wouldn’t). I’m not sure about courage but I do have stubbornness in spades!


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