Cat Tree

Both my cats enjoy the outdoors (supervised, of course) but Wylie really revels in it. One of her favorite pastimes is tree climbing and there’s an old, sprawling mesquite tree which is perfect for adventuring. She carefully chooses her route, not based on ease but on her desire nay, her determination to go ‘that’ way. She is so intent on her destination that she uses paws and even teeth to remove small obstacles from her path. To an observer there seems to be no logic in her choice, there appear to be easier routes nearby but for reasons known only to her, those are not the direction she needs to go.

Watching her it dawned on me how much we have in common…


Categories: Observations


  1. Oh Erin, who cares how we get it or from whom. Learning from observing animals is so wonderful because they have no agenda with the lessons they teach…take it or leave it. I had to laugh though. You’re both adorable.

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  2. Agreed! Though I don’t think anyone usually calls Wylie adorable (or me, for that matter).


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