Our First Day of Spring

Since I’m recovering from my second wicked cold of the year (dagnabit) my time outside today was limited. The cats and I spent the afternoon in the yard. You can see that they lead a life of leisure!

Since the temperatures have been unseasonably warm here the plants and wildlife have been busily doing Spring things for many weeks. One of our neighborhood Harris’s Hawks kept a close eye out, looking for dinner like a rabbit or packrat. Thankfully, Bailey is too smart and Wylie is too darn heavy!

As the sun slipped away, a warm breeze wafted over us carrying the sweet, exotic scent of orange blossoms (my favorite scent in the world) while coyotes serenaded. A perfectly lovely way to end our first day of Spring.

Categories: Observations


  1. What lovely pictures and picturesque words to welcome spring into our wonderful Arizona!!!


  2. Thanks! It was a lovely afternoon!


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