September in the White Mountains

Spent a few days with the family up in Show Low in September. It was lovely to get out of the heat and cool off a bit! There was even a splash of fall color starting to show. We rented Pine Hollow cabin where we whiled away the hours – roughly equal parts playing cornhole, eating, and exploring.

Categories: Observations


  1. It was so much fun to be with the family, and laugh, and eat and relax. Thank you Erin for arranging this getaway, finding the beautiful cabin, bringing all the food and getting us all together in Show Low. Let’s do it again! This time we’ll do all the work and you can just enjoy!


  2. It was a fun time – glad it all worked out so well! I just wish I had taken a video of you and Lynne playing ping-pong – that was hysterical! And you were both such good sports about it. Relaxing to just be silly sometimes. Another adventure would be fun but you know I don’t sit still well… 🙂


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