I’m on Antiques Roadshow!

Last year on May 30th I volunteered to help the crew film Antiques Roadshow here in Tucson. The first of three episodes finally aired on 03-28-16, the second on 04-04-16, and the final one should air on 04-11-16.

It was a very looong day, exacerbated by a small electrical fire that morning. I was on my feet from 6:30am until 7:30 that night! It was well worth it to meet the appraisers, watch the process, and see all the treasures folks brought in.

Did you know the appraisers are also volunteering? They do it for free, reaping the benefit of their names and company information broadcast on PBS. It is one of the highest rated series on PBS. Only the film/production crew members are paid (it is public television after all and the budget is tight).

As a volunteer I was permitted to bring in two items to get appraised. I now know that there is no danger of anyone selling off our family heirlooms – they aren’t worth a darn thing!

Screen shot 2016-04-05 at 9.51.24 PM

That’s me with the blonde pony tail, blue shirt, tan shorts – and yes, the camera does add ten pounds (at least). Watch me artfully guide an attendee in the Tucson Hour 1 episode from 28:55 to 28:59. Priceless, I know.


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  1. Don’t give me sass about being old enough to be an antique, I already know that!


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