The Almost Obituary of Wylie Ann Kitty

A certain someone is lucky to still be alive today. I came home last night after working 12 hours to find this:


My Thomas Edison Battery Oil bottle that I found while “Black Friday scavenging” with my Aunt and her friend was shattered on the floor. A 100-year-old antique bottle that had survived being thrown by the railroad tracks and had avoided being crushed by 1,200 pound bovines met its demise in my house, thanks to a rambunctious, young cat.


I believe she just used up another of her nine lives. Is this a guilty face or what?! Bad kitty, bad!



Categories: Observations


  1. Darn! is that 7 lives, now?


  2. Yep. She’s going through them pretty quickly! At this rate she may not live as long as Bailey (he’s still going strong at 16). 🙂


  3. Think of it this way…that bottle preserved itself all these years, to be found by you, taken home and finally find it’s true purpose…extreme sports with Wylie kitty. I’ll bet she’s in the cat house!


  4. She’s out of it now – until her next adventure… If only I could bottle her energy and use it for good! 😉


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