Defense Class

I recently completed a free Rape Aggression Defense class taught by the Oro Valley Police Department. I am already careful to survey my surroundings and I try to avoid sketchy situations but I was interested to learn some defensive hands-on techniques.

There were 20 of us in attendance ranging in age from 15 to 65. I gained some powerful skills that I hope I never have to use. I really admired how some of the shy ladies came out swinging during our practice scenarios on the second day of class. It would be great to teach this to all women – especially during the high school or college years.

Thank you to the Oro Valley Police officers that taught our class and especially to the male officers that suited up to take our beatings!


Categories: Observations


  1. Good going. Maybe you’ll show Paula and I some of the moves. The cop looks safe!!! It always helps to be aware of your surroundings plus looking out for other vulnerable people that are in la-la land.


  2. I definitely learned some cool moves, I’ll be happy to teach them to you! I think every woman should know this stuff!


  3. Great that you took advantage of this opportunity and I too hope you never have to use it.


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