My Landscaping Crew…

IMG_8593The Harris’ Antelope Squirrel gathers and plants seeds (note the chubby cheek).

IMG_8615The Round-tailed Ground Squirrel aerates my soil.

IMG_8664The Rock Squirrel creates berms and swales for rainwater harvesting.

IMG_8624The Verdin removes bugs from my plants.

IMG_8650These Gambel’s Quail remove bugs from my soil.

IMG_8708This Desert Cottontail trims groundcovers.

Shrub-climbing Desert Cottontail

This Desert Cottontail trims bushes (he’s an arborist).

IMG_8745And this Desert Cottontail is clearly the supervisor (specializing in siestas).

They don’t work during the middle of the day in the summer and I wish they wouldn’t trim things back so hard but their rates are really reasonable and they work year round, so I guess I can’t complain.

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2 thoughts on “My Landscaping Crew…”

  1. Thank you God for our faithful landscapers! And they’re cute too, especially the “siesta” jackrabbit!!!

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