Finally, a Decent Storm!

It poured. The sun came out. It hailed. And then it dumped some more. My rain gauge recorded 1.5 inches – the biggest storm of the monsoons at my house. The great thing about the rain was that it came in pulses, which gave time for my soil to absorb the water. I ended up with a lot of puddles but not a lot of runoff which is exactly what I wanted. Both of my 5,000 gallon cisterns are now half full – yippee!




IMG_3329 IMG_8680

Categories: Nature Notes


  1. So happy for you!!!!George was in Tucson on Saturday with the church people and he said he thought you got a good rain, and you did. Thank you God for rain!


  2. It was about time! I was really getting worried about the lack of rain over here. And yes, I did go outside and play in the rain. Reminded me of an e.e. cummings quote, “The world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful.”


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