I admit it, I am a pluviophile! Growing up in the Sonoran Desert molded me into a lover of water but especially rain. I watch the clouds and track the drops. Rain makes me and the plants and the wildlife very happy indeed.

The lack of rain during one of our 2 rainy seasons makes me crabby. I’m getting a wee bit fed up with the folks on the east side of town with their puddle photos. I’m tired of hearing about their inches of rainfall. Grrr!

Apparently, there needs to be a word that describes a rainless pluviophile. Come on, monsoons!

Sunshower! At least it started raining...

Sunshower! At least it started raining…

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  1. Don’t feel bad, we’re in Mother Natures’ no-rain zone. There’s rain all around but none on the May homestead!! GRRRRRRRRR!


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