Tardy Migrant


Earlier in May, this Black-bellied Plover (Pluvialis squatarola) hung out in the bayside wetlands for a few days. It was apparently resting before continuing on up to its breeding range in the Arctic. Since egg laying begins in early June I think someone was gonna be late for a very important date.

Categories: Nature Notes


  1. Well no wonder it was late. How fast can YOU run with only one leg? Kidding, kidding, c’mon I was only kidding!!!


    • Ha! I often overhear passersby talking worriedly about the one-legged birds they see at the beach. If they seem receptive I explain that the birds are merely resting (though there are some gulls that hop on one leg while begging for food). Thus far, I’ve only actually seen one one-legged bird and it appears to be quite healthy. 🙂


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