My Magic Rabbit

I believe I have finally solved the enigma of why magicians are always pulling rabbits out of hats – because rabbits are always getting into things! As proof I offer Exhibit A, a Desert Cottontail in my front yard. Here the rabbit is nibbling on the rusty metal – iron deficiency perhaps? Note the position of the spout.


And then the rabbit crawled inside. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it! The rabbit had a good time rolling the container from side to side (look where the spout is now).


I was beginning to worry that this was turning into a rescue situation…


But then, abracadabra, the rabbit popped back out.


Never a dull moment in my little corner of the beautiful Sonoran Desert!

Categories: Nature Notes


  1. Very entertaining, I’m sure!


    • Very hard to get any work done when these shenanigans are happening right outside my window! The cats are usually the first to alert that something interesting is going on. They like to watch “kitty tv”! 😉


  2. That is to cute for words, so glad you solved the mystery of the hat trick and magicians! I love rabbits, wonder if the rabbit said “Whee” as it was rolling around in the can? Back to magicians, how long do you suppose they had to wait for the rabbit to jump into the hat? “Just saying” That’s a kerosene can so I wonder if it still smelled like kerosene and the rabbit’s curiosity just kicked in? I was sure at the first that you would have to play magician to get the rabbit out of can so to speak. So glad you caught this on camera and shared with the rest of us.


    • Thanks for the info about it being a kerosene can – I wasn’t sure what it was. I’m wondering if it was checking it out as a possible home, but in the summer it has to be hotter than blazes in there!


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